This eBook (PDF) bundle includes five of our most popular eBooks for soapmakers looking to turn their craft into a hobby!

Here is a little bit about each eBook and why you need it!

Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking

  • Does making soap seem to take a lot of time and effort? Do you want to learn an easier and quicker process to making soap? This step by step downloadable guide, “Master-Batching Lye and Oils for Soapmaking,” will walk you through the process of creating a more efficient method of preparing your lye solution and oils for making soap.
  • Master-batching saves you time and effort. And if you’re a business…time is money! Master-batching can help you cut down on production time, thereby reducing your costs. So, if your time is limited, you need this eBook!

Marketing Your Handcrafted Soap, Candle or Cosmetics Business

  • Marketing can be hard! There are so many types of marketing strategies…social media marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, webinar marketing…etc. And let’s not forget more traditional marketing strategies such as advertising through your local chamber of commerce or neighborhood association. There are also ways that you can market through media such as your local TV news or even online through Help A Reporter Out submissions (Don’t know what that is? We’ll talk about it!).
  • This eBook gives at least 60+ ideas to help you get your creative marketing juices flowing.
  • We’ll talk a bit about branding and targeting your ideal client and how these two topics greatly influence where and how you should market.
  • In Marketing Your Handcrafted Soap, Candle or Cosmetics Business, I walk you through the process of using social media, a blog and an email list as powerful marketing tools. We’ll discuss how to set them up and even what to post.

Pricing Handmade Soap for Profit

  • There is no magic formula when it comes to pricing your handcrafted soap and skincare products. And if you’re using one, your approach might be too narrow.
  • Pricing products can be overwhelming and confusing. Understanding what a profit margin really is, is the key to correctly pricing.
  • In this book I showcase the need to set proper goals for your company, understand what it takes to configure your product’s cost, account for all expenses as a company (both fixed and variable) and create pricing scenarios that will dictate potential profit margins.
  • Because let’s face it, you’re in this to make money.

How to Teach Your Craft

  • Would you love to earn some extra money by teaching others about your crafting hobby? This 133-page, downloadable eBook walks you through the process of creating a craft education business based on your craft or art. Whether your craft is painting, knitting, papermaking, or pottery you can make exceptional income by teaching what you know!

How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap

  • Do you want to take your small business into the broader marketplace, but you’re not quite sure how to do it? Our 270-page, downloadable eBook will walk you through the process step-by-step. It will teach you everything you need to know to wholesale your handcrafted soaps. So, start your new venture with confidence and knowledge by reading this eBook today!

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