Goat Milk Soapmaking eBook

71 (8.5 x 8.5″) page eBook (downloadable PDF)

We completely updated this eBook as of October 2017. We combined two eBooks (Ultimate Goat Milk Soap Making Guide eBook + Goat Milk Soap Recipe eBook) into this one information-packed eBook! We’re also now offering this eBook as a print book on Amazon! Get the printed copy here.

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In Goat Milk Soapmaking you’ll learn how to make natural soap using farm-fresh goat milk!

Soapmaking is a wonderful hobby that combines both science and art. No matter your reason for jumping into the craft of soapmaking, one thing is for certain…your skin will thank you! What we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN our bodies. When you make your own soap, you can control what you put on your body by choosing skin loving oils and butters such as olive oil and shea butter, beneficial additives such as herbs and clays and natural essential oils such as lavender and tea tree that you can mix and combine to create powerful aromas. Many people with skin conditions, such as eczema, or other sensitivities do well when using gently formulated handmade soap. Many soap makers begin their soapmaking journey to help relieve their skin condition or a family member’s skin condition.


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Goat Milk Soap Cupcake Recipes

After reading this book you’ll be able to make decadent goat milk soap for your family and friends. Goat Milk Soapmaking includes:

  • Full color, step-by-step Instructions for making soap using any type of milk. Goat milk is the most popular but you can use these directions for making camel milk soap, cow milk soap or even a vegan milk soap such as almond milk soap.
  • Helpful charts explaining oil properties/fatty acid profiles and additives.
  • Essential oil blends to get you started with choosing how to scent your goat milk soap.
  • 24 natural goat milk soap recipes with essential oil blends for scent and natural colorants and additives to make each unique.
  • Helpful resources including common soapmaking terms, abbreviations and a supplier list.

Table of Contents

  • Benefits of Milk in Soap – 9
  • Milk Composition – 9
  • Choosing Your Milk – 10
  • Preparing Your Milk – 10
  • Equipment and Tools – 11
  • Carrier Oils & Butters – 13
  • Fatty Acid Chart – 15
  • Scents – Fragrance Oils – 16
  • Scents – Essential Oil – 18
  • Essential Oil Blends – 20
  • Colorants – 21
  • Additives – 25
  • Lye Safety – 26
  • Using a Scale – 27
  • Full Milk Goat Milk Soap Process – 28
  • Milk in Oil Goat Milk Soap Process – 39
  • Curing and Storing Your Soap – 45
  • To Gel or Not to Gel – 46
  • Temperatures in Soapmaking – 48
  • Ash in Soapmaking – 49
  • Superfatting and Lye Discounting – 50
  • Terms to Know – 51
  • Common Soapmaking Abbreviations – 53
  • Suppliers – 54
  • Recipes – 56

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In this video eCourse, I will show you:

  • How to formulate your own transparent soap recipe that is remelt-able and reusable…similar to MP soap base.
  • We’ll go over base oils and solvents that are available to use and why you would select each type of ingredient.
  • How to make quick hot process transparent soap from scratch. It only takes about 20 minutes once you get the process down!
  • How to remelt and use your base for future projects.

About the soap:

  • The ingredients we use include coconut oil, stearic acid, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, everclear (grain alcohol) and sugar.
  • The soap is remeltable and you can work with it like melt and pour soap base.
  • You can create bars of soap or embeds that you can add to regular cold process soap.
  • You’ll get different varieties of clarity in your soap…we’ll talk about that.

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