Many times you run across recipes that are written in percentages. These are great because you can convert them into workable recipes for any size of mold or production.

Converting a recipe from percentages to ounces

Sometimes the process of converting percentages to the recipe size that you need can be confusing. Let’s walk through it.–P5199.aspx?afid=5
I’ve got this nifty silicone mold from Bramble Berry. After checking out the website I see that it holds 50 oz of soap and measures 10″ x 3 5/8″ x 2.25″. Before I convert my recipe from percentages to ounces…I need to know the amount of oil that it holds.

50 oz of soap means it holds 50 oz of finished soap (water + lye+ oils). I need to know how much oil it will hold so I can convert my percentages to ounces of oils.

I use the formula l (length) x w (width) x h (height) x .4 to determine how many ounces of oil my recipe needs to be.

So for the BB loaf mold:
10 x 3.625 x 2.25 x .4 = 32.625 oz

I like to do fluffy tops so I will add about 4 extra ounces so I have enough soap on top.

My recipe needs to contain 37 oz of oils.

My recipe in percentages looks like this:

Olive oil – 50%
Coconut oil – 32%
Shea butter – 8%
Avocado oil – 8%
Castor oil – 2%

To convert the above percentages you will multiply each ingredient’s percentage by 37 oz which is your total oils needed (or the 100%).

Olive oil – 37 x .5 = 18.5 oz
Coconut oil – 37 x .32 = 11.84 oz
Shea butter – 37 x .08 = 2.96 oz
Avocado oil – 37 x .08 = 2.96 oz
Castor oil – 37 x .02 = .75 oz

So your oils needed will be:

Olive oil – 18.5 oz
Coconut oil – 11.84 oz
Shea butter – 2.96 oz
Avocado oil – 2.96 oz
Castor oil – .75 oz

Run this through a lye calc to get the lye amount needed.

Lye – 5.28 oz (5% SF)

I double my lye amount to get my water amount. (Ignore the water amount the lye calc gives you.)

Water – 10.56 oz

So my final recipe is:

Olive oil – 18.5 oz
Coconut oil – 11.84 oz
Shea butter – 2.96 oz
Avocado oil – 2.96 oz
Castor oil – .75 oz
Lye – 5.28 oz

Water – 10.56 oz

This recipe will make a total of 52.85 oz of soap.

BB’s site states that the mold will hold 50 oz…so we’re good! I always prefer to have a bit extra than not enough.

If you want extra to make higher peaked soap…then calculate for extra soap.

Happy Soaping!

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