Austin Bootcamp and more classes!

Last weekend we had a very successful Austin Soapmaking Bootcamp. We offered three classes, basic soapmaking, cupcakes and layers and lines. I had a great group of students who blew me away with their creations…so I just had to share pictures from the bootcamp. I am simply amazed!

Thank you to Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe who came down to Texas to help out with the bootcamp! She stepped up in the cupcake class and showed the students how to pipe some amazing cupcakes and also how to pipe on top of loaves. Thanks, Holly!

We kicked off the bootcamp with the basic soapmaking class. This class is very hands on where each student gets to make (from start to finish) a two pound batch of soap. They get to pick their own color and fragrance.

basic1 basic3 basic2

The next class was the layers, lines and embeds class. We went over a ton of things in this class. The students to got to design their own loaf of soap using a combination of layering techniques, embeds and a pencil line. This class blew me away. I love the loaves that they created.

layersLines5 layersLines4 layersLines3 layersLines2 layersLines1Last, but certainly not least was the cupcake and piping techniques class. The students got to create cupcake soap and worked on piping techniques. Holly Port also showed us different piping techniques that can be done on the top of a loaf of soap! So pretty!

cupcakes5 cupcakes4 cupcakes3 cupcakes2 cupcakes1

Thank you to all of the students who participated! It was a ton of fun!

If you missed my Austin Bootcamp, you can catch the Layers, Lines and Embed class AND Cupcakes and Piping with Holly Port in New York! Visit Back Porch Soap for more information!

I should be adding more classes soon so check out our class page often!

This post was written by Amanda Gail

Amanda Gail is a soapmaker, author and blogger.

11 thoughts on “Austin Bootcamp and more classes!

  1. These classes were so much fun! The hands-on aspect of soap classes increases confidence and has the potential to mitigate costly errors, making the cost a little easier to swallow.

    I’ve literally just completed an online supply order, I live & breath soap now.

    1. I just made my second attempt in two to frost cupcakes and the soap seized quickly. I used your cupcake recipe on this site and the base was fine.

      The blue coloring was was a non-cosmetic neon blue from tkbtrading.

      Did the colorant cause this problem? What would you advise to avoid having the soap seize in a case like this?


        1. Hi Claudia, Sorry to just be getting back to you. My blog has been a bit wonky and I don’t remember getting an email with your comments.

          I don’t think the colorant that you used is the issue. Usually soap seizes because of fragrance or soaping too hot. Which fragrance did you use? I might know if its a fast mover or not. I don’t think its color though.

          1. I didn’t use any fragrance at all, Amanda. When I do, it’s eo’s drops ppo, hardly worth the trouble 😉
            I probably soaped with the oils and lye water in the 120’s and used a water discount.

            The first time I tried to color my soap for icing, I mixed a violet and blue (mica or oxide) and it turned a dark choclate brown, but I think the powder was for cosmetic use and did not say it works in cp soap.
            I need to pay attention to what I order.

            Thanks for your help, I appreciate you. BTW, I recently saw the video you and Holly made from a hotel room, it was fun, you girls are a hoot!

  2. I had never taken a soap class before and I really enjoyed it. I hope to add this to my shop. I learned so much, also patience. It’s fun to make soap, but you have to wait to use your beautiful creations. Thanks to Amanda and Holly for your wonderful wisdom. I Luv Soap!!

  3. These are GORGEOUS! I would be there for the next class if I could. Too bad the plane ticket from Canada is so expensive…

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