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In January, Marla Bosworth and I are traveling to Haiti!  We will be teaching a group of 24 women over two days how to make soap and other beauty products including natural hair care! Their goal is to start a business to help raise funds to support themselves and their community.

Who We’re Helping

There is a group of women in Haiti, near Port Au Prince, located in a government-owned tent camp whose lives were torn apart in January 2010 after the country’s disastrous earthquake. These women are known as OFEDA (Organisation des Femmes Devouees en Action). They are a unique and independent women’s group founded after Haiti’s disastrous earthquake.

The women, who range in age from 18 to 82 years old, came together for the first time in January 2010 soon after the earthquake. They began meeting under a tree in the tent camp to support and encourage each other with hope and possibility.

These women have a dream, and we want to help them achieve it. By starting businesses together (their first being a handmade greeting card company), they hope to find a way out of the tent camps to reclaim their lives and to continue moving forward with dignity and security.

We need your help so that we can teach the OFEDA women how to make handmade soaps and natural haircare products to sell through a series of hands-on workshops in January 2013.

Please visit our campaign page!


Thank you for your support!


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  1. Jonathan & Kaycie Cook
    | Reply

    Great idea!

  2. Diane
    | Reply

    You gals ROCK! You will definetly get my support, I wish that I could go and help and learn along side the Hatian ladies.

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      Thanks, Diane!

  3. Carol Samsel
    | Reply

    What an amazing gift you are providing for these women! I only wish I could contribute more but my small amount comes with tons of prayers and best wishes for all involved…including those courageous women in Haiti!!!!!!

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      We appreciate what you have contributed and it means the world to us! Thank you so much! Thank you also for the prayers and best wishes!

  4. Ashley
    | Reply

    Amanda and Marla, you ladies are so amazing! You’ve brought me so much joy to know you’ve started this campaign. This is one of the reasons I started my own business, is to help the less fortunate all over the world. Although my business is new, I’m currently not able to help the way I’d like, which is with a huge donation. I will however, do the best I can to contribute to your efforts. I didn’t think you could fascinate me any further Amanda, but you’ve clearly proved me wrong! I type this msg with tears in my eyes…and say a big warm “Thank You so very much!” to you and Marla for doing this. It means so much to so many. We must all learn to give back and help if we can. Way to go ladies!

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      Ashley, Thank you for your kind words and for what you contribute to our efforts. Your encouragement means everything!

  5. allyson
    | Reply

    Wow, that’s awesome. Great work.

  6. Julia Moscow
    | Reply

    I am agree with Jonathan & Kaycie Cook.

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