Fun in the Tub: Creating Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bath, Bubble Frosting and Bubble Scoops

Do you adore a nice soak in the tub with a little aromatic fizzing or bubbling action? Discover how to make fun and whimsical bath bombs and solid bubble bath for way less than what you’re paying in the store.

Should you use witch hazel or alcohol to bind your bath bombs? What do you do if your bombs crumble once dry? Are you tired of mushy solid bubble bath that won’t dry?

This detailed guide will teach you how to successfully make perfect bath bombs and solid bubble bath using easy to find ingredients. Whether you’re a beginner or have more experience, this book has something for everyone. From basic recipes to try right away, to information on creating your own, you can take your bath and body crafting to the next level.

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This book focuses on formulation and teaching you how to modify recipes to work in your environment. Whether you live in dry conditions or humid, you’ll be able to create the perfect recipe. You’ll soon know how to fix crumbly bath bombs, warty bath bombs, bombs that split or break apart and more!

  • Full-color, step-by-step directions for making bath bombs, solid bubble bath, bubble frosting and bubble scoops.
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks for bath bombs and solid bubble bath.
  • Step-by-step directions for formulating your own bath bomb recipes.
  • 25+ recipes and projects ideas with full ingredients list (weight & volume) and step-by-step directions.

So many wonderful projects!



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