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$285 per hour. If you wish to add more hours, please add to cart with the appropriate units (hours) you wish to purchase. Please read the description below to find out how Benjamin’s consultation works.



Do you need help with marketing and branding?

How about scalability and true business growth?

Do you need help with unearthing your true production costs?

Do you want to grow your business?

If so, talk with Benjamin.

Benjamin has over 10 years of experience in the handcrafted soap and skin care industry, comprising extensive nation-wide wholesaling with operations and sales conducted from a retail storefront.

Benjamin, having discovered his true passion, has been coaching and consulting with handcrafters for the past several years. With an ever-burgeoning clientele, Benjamin has helped to grow not only their businesses, but their own self-efficacy and approach to revenue.

If you really want to advance your business, you need help.

I’m still always surprised at how many soap and skincare makers I speak with who can’t make the connection between their lack of success and their lack of outside help. No successful entrepreneur in the world has ever figured things out all by themselves. I know your products are great, but having great products alone will NEVER guarantee your success.

~ Benjamin

What Benjamin can help you with:

  • Branding and Marketing
    • Voice, style, aesthetics
  • Business Planning
  • Sales Goals (Promises)
    • Sales outlets
    • Creating online sales funnels
  • Scalability and growth
    • Economies of Scale
  • Pricing products
    • Profit Margins (and what to do with them)
  • Goal-setting
  • Your company’s bottom line vs potential

What Benjamin can’t help you with:

  • A bad attitude
  • A sense of entitlement to success
  • An unwillingness to be great
  • An unwillingness to grow

Benjamin only works with serious clients.

If you are on the fence about your own potential, don’t sign up. If you waiver back and forth, without true conviction, about yourself and your company’s potential, please don’t sign up. Most importantly, if you are unwilling to learn through new books and accountability deadlines, this is not for you.

I can guarantee that you will have greater insight and, if acted upon, will be more profitable if you seek my help. This is my promise.

~ Benjamin

The Process:

Upon payment, Benjamin will email you with a greeting, a few logistical questions and an attached questionnaire for you to fill out completely and wholeheartedly. Filling out the questions and completing the assignment before we speak on the phone will expedite our conversation to a more justified and fruitful plan of action.

If you sign up and pay for a multiple-hour plan, we will simply set a schedule of 1-hour phone calls until completion. At this point, I work for you, so I will arrange my schedule to the best of my abilities to accommodate your best time for each and every call.

Design | Branding Needs:

If you need more logistical help beyond a phone call, such as me working on your costs and margins, designing any and all marketing and branding components, helping you with product descriptions and website content, etc., we can create a new plan with an invoice issued at $85 per hour of my work.

What you are signing up for on this page is for phone consultations only. If you need help with other components of your business that requires an additional workload, we can plan for and arrange as needed on our phone calls or through email.

Many times, after one or more phone conversations, my clients realize that many of their company’s marketing aesthetics do not match the ‘voice’ of their company. Or, many folks have never created a strong company voice in the first place. Because of this, sometimes phone calls are not enough, thus furthered work on branding and design components are often agreed upon as a further workload from me. This is perfectly fine, as long as I see a strong commitment from you and a right fit for me.

~ Benjamin

Are you an entrepreneur?

I only wish to work with entrepreneurs. I only wish to work with soapmakers who want to engage in an enterprising project that ultimately is a means toward a clear end-vision for themselves. If you don’t have that vision yet, I can help you with it, as long as you are truly willing to continue down the entrepreneurial path, which is one of failure, struggle, success and constant learning.

~ Benjamin

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