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For $100, you receive TWO productive, action-oriented phone consultations that last 60 minutes each. This consultation length with Benjamin is normally $570!

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For $100, you receive TWO productive, action-oriented phone consultations that last 60 minutes each. This consultation length with Benjamin is normally $570!

Research hows that most startups simply don’t invest enough money and energy into their own strengths, values, and passions, which is generally due to the vast amount of distractions that buries what they instinctively know to have but cannot harness.

Through his unique process, Benjamin will help you uncover your buried strengths, values and passions and aid you in making a PLAN OF ACTION to get you from where you currently are into a new paradigm of fruitful outcomes. Benjamin is a master of action-oriented goal-setting.

What level of success are you seeking? Have you reached it? If not, why?

  • Fear
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Not enough “time”
  • Distractions, too many other obligations

Can you relate?

Want more money?! Who doesn’t?!

“Money is amazing, and you should want to support yourself and those you love with it. But money should be only a portion of your motivations and not the whole thing, because this is going to get tough. Building a thriving business isn’t easy. You’ll always be a soap and skin care maker, but you can’t hide from turning your craft into a product manufacturing operation, at least if you really want to grow. And that isn’t always peaches and cream.

Thus, you need something bigger to work towards when the going gets tough. You need a purpose beyond earning money, because you might not make a lot at first. If you are like the vast majority of manufacturing startups, your pockets are going to be thin for a while. So, if your only motivation is money and you don’t have it as you trudge through the startup phase, you’ll quit. Thus, you need a goal-driven “why” for doing all this.”

Your business can be an incredible vehicle for change in your life and the lives of others. This is about who you want to be in the world and what you stand for, and that is bigger and more powerful than your bank account.

Ready to gain two of the most affordable hours of industry-specific insight you can receive?

Upon payment, Benjamin will email you with a greeting, a few logistical questions and we’ll get a schedule down and begin!

“I look forward to hearing your plan, but I look even more forward to your authenticity…your transparency and your fears. To divulge your fears and inhibitions is the start of growth. No successful entrepreneur is without fear. When you understand this, you’ll realize what good company you keep!”

Benjamin Aaron’s entrepreneurial efforts in the handcrafted soap and skin care industry lead him to establishing a retail storefront and a wholesale distribution that reached across the continent and beyond.

Later Benjamin moved on to co-founding and directing a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with his wife, Amanda Gail Aaron, called The Lovin’ Soap Project. The mission is to empower women in developing nations with an artisan manufacturing trade: soap and skin care production. The Lovin’ Soap Project solves two of the biggest problems in the developing world; 1) the general lack of hygiene knowledge and implementation and 2) the lack of economic opportunity for women. The Lovin’ Soap Project has conducted artisan manufacturing and business workshop training in Haiti, Uganda, Senegal, India, Tibet, Fiji, and Kenya. To find out more about the project, visit

With the experiences and knowledge attained from running a successful for-profit soap and skin care company, along with training of dozens of individuals around the world, Benjamin offers his unique perspective on business and artisan manufacturing at, one of our industries biggest and most practical resources for soap and skin care production and business knowledge.

Benjamin has authored the following books:

Paperback and Kindle formats for Benjamin’s books can be found on his author page or by searching the titles or his name on eBook formats can be found at


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