I’ve been teaching soapmaking classes (both live and online) for over 10 years now! I was able to quit my full time job and live very comfortably off of my revenue from teaching. I’ve taught soapmaking classes all over the U.S., including single classes and multi-day workshops/bootcamps. I’ve published 13+ books (some eBooks and some printed books on Amazon) and 11+ eClasses!

rant// I’m not trying to brag…I just want you to know that I have experience! The internet seems to be full of coaches these days that never accomplished what they’re coaching about. 🙂 rant over//

I self-publish but have also gone the traditionally published route as well. I LOVE teaching my craft and exploring all of the avenues for doing so. These are all great ways to create passive income; whether you need that income to live off of or simply need a bit more money to pay the bills. Teaching classes, publishing a book and creating online courses is the way to go! But it takes planning, action and careful thought. I can help.

Why would I help other makers teach the same types of classes? There is room enough for all of us! How many soapmaking books have you purchased? Yep. Probably several! We’re not competitors…we’re colleagues! Let me help you by providing insight and actions on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Creating these types of products can be overwhelming! You might not know where to start or what to do. Let’s work together!

4 Weeks of Email Coaching

Email coaching is a STRUCTURED weekly program where we set goals and plan actions. I will provide accountability to ensure that you are making progress and meeting your goals.

What are some goals/actions I can help you with?


  • Developing your class.
  • Developing a bootcamp (multiple class) weekend.
  • Structure and flow for your class.
  • Creating a class handout and recipe.
  • Creating class listing.
  • Marketing your class.

Publishing a Book

  • Deciding between self-publishing or traditional publishing (spoiler – I’m going to push you towards self-publishing but I can speak on my experience with traditional publishing).
  • Developing and outlining your book.
  • Learning how to write, edit, format, design and publish your book.
  • Marketing your book.

Publishing an Online Course

  • Developing and outlining your course.
  • Learning how to record, edit and publish your course.
  • Marketing your course.

How does it work?

Email coaching includes 2 emails each week. (I simply can’t do unlimited emails so the emailing will be super structured; which will help you and me when it comes to time management and efficiency when we’re working together.)

Each week we will:

  • Create super-detailed goals with deadlines and action steps.
  • Review what you accomplished and plan goals for the next week.
  • Along the way, I’ll provide you guidance and teach you what I’ve learned relevant to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Once you sign up, I’ll send you a quick document with several questions so that I can see where you are and where you want to be. (This doesn’t count as an official coaching email.) You’ll send that back to me and then we’ll plan our email coaching schedule.

I have a VERY limited amount of coaching spots available each week, so sign up quickly!

Thanks for being a part of the Lovin’ Soap community! We’re so glad you’re here!

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Happy Soaping! -Amanda Aaron