Benjamin, Juniper and I just got home from a whirlwind time at the annual Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild’s annual conference! It rotates around the country and this time it was in Atlanta.

Benjamin and I were both speakers at the event. We also had a vendor booth in the vendor area. We sold books, eBook bundles and jewelry that we had made just for the event.

Our best seller was definitely our newest book, Soapmaking Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting.

We we received so much good feedback from people who already snagged their copy in the pre-sale. 🙂 Thank you!

The Soapers Showcase was a huge highlight of the event. Soapers submitted soaps under different categories and conference attendees got to vote.

There were so many wonderful vendors with amazing booths!

Both Benjamin and I were on panels. Benjamin was on the business panel and I was on the maker panel.

We got to answer lots of great questions from attendees!

Benjamin gave a talk on the men’s grooming industry! I’m hoping he’ll do a Facebook Live on that soon. 🙂

I gave a talk on making bubble bars and bubble scoops! If you missed it, you can grab the eBooks online. Bubble BarsBubble Scoops

Thank you to Bramble Berry who provided ingredients for my talk! 🙂

Juniper was a champ and made lots of new friends! She even took a nap with Leigh. I think they both needed it. 🙂

We even brought Bernie! He was great and enjoyed the view out the window.

It was so good to see everyone! Next year the conference will be in Dallas! We’ll see you then!



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  • We’ll go over base oils and solvents that are available to use and why you would select each type of ingredient.
  • How to make quick hot process transparent soap from scratch. It only takes about 20 minutes once you get the process down!
  • How to remelt and use your base for future projects.

About the soap:

  • The ingredients we use include coconut oil, stearic acid, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, everclear (grain alcohol) and sugar.
  • The soap is remeltable and you can work with it like melt and pour soap base.
  • You can create bars of soap or embeds that you can add to regular cold process soap.
  • You’ll get different varieties of clarity in your soap…we’ll talk about that.

The class will be delivered in a a series of videos and downloadable PDF’s. You’ll have forever access and be able to watch over and over again as you want.

Happy Soaping! -Amanda Aaron