I received an email this weekend from someone looking for tallow soap recipes. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE lard and tallow soaps. I started my soapmaking journey making soap with lard and tallow.

Tallow contributes to hard and white bar of soap with creamy stable lather.

There are a TON of websites that can help you render your own. Do a Google search for how to render tallow for soap. I went to our local butcher and got a pound of tallow to make soap with.

Tallow Soap Recipes

Here are four of my favorite tallow recipes. Each recipe provided is in percentages (so you can re-size) and 32 ounces. The 32 ounce version of the recipe fits comfortably into a Bramble Berry 10″ Loaf Mold or the 12″ Tall Skinny Loaf Mold.

Tallow Soap Recipes

The Trifecta Tallow Recipe

Tallow – 10.56 oz. (33%)
Coconut Oil – 10.56 oz. (33%)
Olive Oil – 10.88 oz. (34%)
Sodium Hydroxide – 4.67 oz.
Water – 9.34 oz.

The Trifecta Tallow Recipe is great to start with. Then you can modify it using these helpful tips.

Nourishing Tallow Recipe

Tallow – 8 oz. (25%)
Coconut Oil – 8 oz. (25%)
Olive Oil – 16 oz. (50%)
Sodium Hydroxide – 4.54 oz.
Water – 9 oz.

The Nourishing Tallow Recipe is high in olive oil making a more gentle and mild soap.

The Fancy Tallow Recipe

Tallow – 7.68 oz. (24%)
Coconut Oil – 5.12 oz. (16%)
Shea Butter – 2.56 oz. (8%)
Olive Oil – 10.88 oz. (34%)
Avocado Oil – 1.92 oz. (6%)
Rice Bran Oil – 3.84 oz. (12%)
Sodium Hydroxide – 4.37 oz.
Water – 8.74 oz.

The Fancy Tallow Recipe brings more butters and liquid oils into the mix.

Extra Bubbly Tallow Recipe

Tallow – 6.4 oz. (20%)
Coconut Oil – 10.88 oz. (34%)
Olive Oil – 12.8 oz. (40%)
Castor Oil – 1.92 oz. (6%)
Sodium Hydroxide – 4.64 oz.
Water – 9.28 oz.

The Extra Bubbly Tallow Recipe is high in coconut oil and lather-boosting castor oil creating a super-lathery bar of soap.

Happy Soaping!

-Amanda Gail

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Happy Soaping! -Amanda Aaron