Original flower design tutorial here…

Here is how to create flowers on top of your cold process soap.

Flowers on Cold Process Soap

You’ll need a slow moving cold process soap recipe, squirt bottles and skewers.

The recipe:
Sweet Almond oil – 1.25 oz
Coconut oil – 12.5 oz
Olive oil – 10 oz
Rice Bran oil – 3.5 oz
Shea butter – 2.75 oz
Sunflower oil – 2 oz
Lye – 4.6 oz
Water – 7 oz

Bring your soap to a steady emulsion. You want it to be nice and thin to have time to separate and color your soap.  Divide out your soap for the base and the individual colors.  Put the colors into squirt bottles.  Here is the basic design process inside a single mold but you can do this across the surface of a slab mold as well.

Pour the base into your mold.  Using the squirt bottles, draw a circle onto the surface.  With another color, draw a circle inside of the first circle.  Do this until you have about four rings as shown below.

Next, put the skewer into the soap on the outside of the circles and drag to the center. Pull the skewer out, wipe it and do this three or four more times to create the petals.

This is a great flower!  You can leave it as it is or you can pull the petals out to make pointy petals.

Insert the skewer into the middle of the flower.  Pull the skewer through the middle of the petal to the outside.  This will pull the point out as far as you like.

So easy to do! You could even have a little yellow in a squirt bottle to dot in the middle as pollen if you wanted. Here are some flowers spread out over a slab.

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