Rose Clay and Madder Root Powder Cold Process Soap

This is day two in my 30 day blogging challenge. My goal this month is to post one recipe every

Austin Texas Soap Making Bootcamp

A couple of Saturdays ago I had my first Austin, Texas Soapmaking Bootcamp where I offered both the basic class

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Palm Free Soap Recipes

Here are the first five palm free recipes that I soaped today! Some of them are recipes that I've soaped

Cold Process Rock Soap

Head on over to the Soap Queen blog to check out my new guest blog post.  This tutorial

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The Peacock Swirl Soap Design

Inspiration here.  I saw this paper on Paper Mojo and thought it would make a wonderful swirl in soap!  So

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Cutting a slab mold

I made a column swirl soap in a silicone slab mold yesterday and today I wanted to show you how

Color Soap Naturally – Calendula and Paprika, Layers and Swirls

This is an advanced soap design using natural colorants.  It includes calendula and paprika for color and texture and swirling

Color Soap Naturally – Advanced Multi Colored Design with Infusions

Okay, so making a solid colored soap with an infusion is easy. But what if you wanted to color a