Natural Soap Colorants Gallery – Spice and herbal powders at trace

Spice and herbal powders can be added to soap at trace. Here are my results with notes.  I’ll be posting more galleries over the next couple of weeks.    Alkanet Powder Usage: Added at trace – add 1/2 teaspoon alkanet … Read More

Color Soap Naturally – Advanced multi colored design with infusions

Okay, so making a solid colored soap with an infusion is easy. But what if you wanted to color a soap four different colors using different infused olive oils? You wouldn’t want to make your standard recipe, divide the traced soap in individual … Read More

Color Soap Naturally – Coloring soap with natural colorant infusions

Now that you have your infusions ready to go…let’s make some soap! Using your infused oils for coloring soap is easy to do.  In this tutorial we’ll make a solid colored soap using alkanet infused olive oil.  To use an … Read More

Color Soap Naturally – Infusing oil with herbs and spices

Infusing oil is probably my favorite method of using natural colorants. It works for most natural colorants but we’ll talk about the ones that do better using a different method as we go along. When you infuse oil you don’t … Read More