Product Description

This bundle includes 92+ palm-free cold process soap recipes and 162+ essential oil blends for cold process soap!

If you are a beginner just learning to make soap, this bundle includes guides to teach you the basics of cold process soap and the process for making decadent goat milk soap. If you are an advanced soap maker, this bundle includes loads of recipes and essential oil blends to inspire you. Once you’re at the point of selling, you’ll learn how to price and wholesale your handcrafted soap in Benjamin’s book, How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap.

You will receive 13 eBooks written by Amanda Gail and Benjamin Aaron!

  • Goat Milk Soap Recipe Book ($15)
  • The Ultimate Goat Milk Soap Making Guide ($20)
  • Lovin Soap Studio Cold Process Soap Recipe Book ($15)
  • Essential Oil Blends for Handcrafted Soap ($15)
  • How to Color Cold Process Soap ($24)
  • Master-Batching Lye and oils for Soapmaking ($15)
  • How to Make Silicone Loaf and Block Molds ($24)
  • How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap ($15)
  • 10 Holiday Inspired Cold Process Soap Projects ($10)
  • How to Make Cold Process Soap ($15)
  • Making Salt Bars ($15)
  • How to Teach Your Craft ($15)
  • Determined to Trace ($10)

This eBook bundle has a value of $208!

As an added bonus, take our eCourse How to Formulate Cold Process Soap Recipes for free! ($75 value!)

Formulating Cold Process Soap Recipes E-Course will have you creating your own custom skin-loving recipes in no time!

Every soapmaker starts out using a recipe from a book or blog, but soon gets the itch to formulate their own. With so many oil options and possible combinations, it can be hard to know where to start!

This course is for beginner soapmakers and advanced soapmakers who want to transition from using recipes online to formulating their own. Even if you’ve been soaping for a long time, you’ll be sure to learn something new.

Course Access – It can take up to 24 hours for me to add you to the eCourse. I’ll email you once your access is granted. Be sure to register for an account upon checkout so that you’ll have access to your eBooks and eCourse.

The total value for this bundle is $283!

You save $183 by purchasing everything together!