New Ebook from Lovin Soap – Create Custom Silicone Block and Slab Molds


Creating a Custom Silicone Slab or Block Mold There are several quality silicone soap molds on the market these days in all kinds of stock sizes.  But what if you can’t find the exact size that you want?  I know several soap makers who have their ideal finished bar size and packaging just the way […]

Getting started in soapmaking without spending a ton of money


I get this questions a lot! How can I get started in soapmaking with spending the least amount of money? And I want to do it tomorrow! Yeah…I’m one of those people too! I get it in my head to try something and I want to do it tomorrow. Here is the minimum that you […]

Coloring liquid soap and bubble bars

I’ve finally found some liquid colorants that work perfectly in liquid soap.  I even tried them out in some new bubble bars and they worked great. They are water soluble liquid lakes (dye in glycerine) from TKB.  Mine were actually from the sale section…the bottle opening was too small to squeeze the colorant out of.  Hmmmm…you had to squeeze […]

Fragrance oil sample packs

Bramble Berry Fragrances

We all know that fragrance oils are NOT created equal!  It is sometimes a tedious task researching, finding and trying out new fragrance oils and extremely frustrating when your test batch all of the sudden seizes or the scent you soaped with yesterday is barely recognizable today.  Here are some great resources to help you on […]

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