My Favorite Things Soap Related

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I get asked all the time what my favorite soap related “things” are…  Here’s my list!  Leave your list in the comments!  I’d love to know what your current favorites are! My favorite soap making molds. Right now I’m loving … Read More

A new palm free soap, silk AND 2 new molds!

First up.  A new mold.  Well, not exactly a new mold…but a silicone liner!  Bramble Berry sells the liner and I had my guy make the simple mold box that holds it.  BB also sells the mold box if you need … Read More

Coloring liquid soap and bubble bars

I’ve finally found some liquid colorants that work perfectly in liquid soap.  I even tried them out in some new bubble bars and they worked great. They are water soluble liquid lakes (dye in glycerine) from TKB.  Mine were actually from the sale … Read More

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