Charcoal Facial Bar with Mango, Avocado and Babassu

charcoal soap

I received an email recently about soaping without coconut oil. I have some recipes sans coconut oil but most are really high olive/bastille/castille type of recipes that don’t produce many bubbles. I wanted a bar that was nice and bubbly. I know that babassu is similar to coconut oil in its fatty acid makeup so […]

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays!  As you’ve probably noticed…the blog is a bit slow right now.  It will probably continue being slow for a bit during the first part of this year.  I’m back doing marketing full time for my old boss and need to focus on that at the moment.  I want to thank all of my readers […]

Awesome Weekend!

Whew! I had a busy weekend. It was a beautiful weekend…Spring was in the air!  The dogs enjoyed being outside…there was plenty of frolicking, wrestling and stick chewing…   The Japanese maples are budding and growing beautiful leaves! I made a couple of batches of soap.  Once castile… And one swirled… I recieved a shipment […]

I’m a lucky girl

I’m lucky ;)  I happen to have a personal mold maker (when I can tear him away from making guitars).  One that never questions why or says…”Good lord, girl!  I just made you a mold last week!”  I really wanted a small test slab for making swirly patterns.  One that made about 3-4 bars.  So […]

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