Juniper Berry Soap

Juniper berry soap

This is a soap Benjamin and I made for Prairie Soap Company’s holiday lineup.  He makes a soap called Sweet Earth which uses juniper berries in the lye water.  He grinds the juniper berries up using a coffee grinder.  Added to the lye water they soften, produce a bit of color and impart a bit […]

Orange Oatmeal Breakfast Salt Bar

orange oatmeal breakfast salt bar

I LOVE SALT BARS. Did you miss the Cocoa and Coffee Salt Bar or the African Black Soap Salt Bar?  Be sure to check them out for more details about why I love salt bars and how to make them.  This is simply another variation that I love. Because they set up fast and hard, […]

African Black Soap Salt Bar

This past weekend I was hanging out with Benjamin (Prairie Soap Company) at the shop and decided to knock out a few projects for my blog. I took along my favorite molds for salt bars and decided to do three different salt bars using interesting additives, natural colorants and amazing essential oil blends (which Benjamin […]

Charcoal Facial Bar with Mango, Avocado and Babassu

charcoal soap

I received an email recently about soaping without coconut oil. I have some recipes sans coconut oil but most are really high olive/bastille/castille type of recipes that don’t produce many bubbles. I wanted a bar that was nice and bubbly. I know that babassu is similar to coconut oil in its fatty acid makeup so […]

Ginger Soap – Using fresh ginger pulp in soap

Ginger soap

Holly Port of Lotion Bar Cafe came down to visit a couple of weekends ago and help out with a class.  Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling well so we decided to juice some fresh ginger to hopefully knock out whatever was getting her.  As we got done juicing and started to clean up the juicer…we both kinda […]

Pumpkin Coconut Milk Salt Bars

salt bar mixture

It’s pumpkin time!  My favorite time of the year.  I thought I would kick pumpkin season off with a salt bar made with real pumpkin and coconut milk scented with Bramble Berry’s Pumpkin Lager. This recipe sets up fast and gets REALLY hard so it is best done in individual cavity molds.  It does not cut well if done […]

Red Palm Oil


I’ve been playing lately with natural soap colorants and wanted to experiment with red palm oil.  I make a ton of pumpkin soap in the fall and thought that this would be great for coloring. Red palm oil, which is bright orange, gets it color from carotenes (like carrots and tomatoes).  It is bleached, refined […]