African Black Soap Salt Bar

This past weekend I was hanging out with Benjamin (Prairie Soap Company) at the shop and decided to knock out a few projects for my blog. I took along my favorite molds for salt bars and decided to do three … Read More

Charcoal Facial Bar with Mango, Avocado and Babassu

I received an email recently about soaping without coconut oil. I have some recipes sans coconut oil but most are really high olive/bastille/castille type of recipes that don’t produce many bubbles. I wanted a bar that was nice and bubbly. … Read More

The Peacock Swirl Soap Design

Inspiration here.  I saw this paper on Paper Mojo and thought it would make a wonderful swirl in soap!  So here’s how I did it. You’ll need a slow tracing/moving recipe.  Something high in olive oil, low in castor and … Read More

Naturally colored lavender soap

There are a couple ways to get purple in soap using natural colorants.  My favorite herb to use is alkanet infused in olive oil.  But I wanted to try something different.  For this soap I used indigo and madder added … Read More