Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Usage Rates in Cold Process Soap

I get asked ALL THE TIME, “how do you calculate fragrance oil and essential oil usage in soap?” Different soapmakers do it differently; this is simply my opinion. The amount of essential oil and fragrance oil used in soap should be calculated based on the base oil amount in your recipe and not the total […]

Converting a recipe from percentages to ounces


Many times you run across recipes that are written in percentages. These are great because you can convert them into workable recipes for any size of mold or production. Sometimes the process of converting percentages to the recipe size that you need can be confusing. Let’s walk through it.–P5199.aspx?afid=5 I’ve got this nifty silicone […]

Getting started in soapmaking without spending a ton of money


I get this questions a lot! How can I get started in soapmaking with spending the least amount of money? And I want to do it tomorrow! Yeah…I’m one of those people too! I get it in my head to try something and I want to do it tomorrow. Here is the minimum that you […]

Coloring your Handcrafted Soap – A Cold Process Soapmaking Tutorial

There are several different soap colorants you can use…here are some of the more widely used ones! Pigments – Once commonly mined from the earth, pigments are now usually lab created to insure stability in reproduction and purity. Mined material would sometimes contain lead, mercury or other harmful components. The two main types of pigments […]

Superfatting and Lye Discounting – A Cold Process Soapmaking Tutorial

Superfatting your soap simply means adding an excess amount of oil or discounting your lye amount so you end up with an excess amount of oil. You’ll hear it both referred to as superfatting or lye discounting. This excess oil provides your soap with unsaponified oils to give your soaps moisturizing or emollient properties. This […]