Ginger’s Garden

I love daisies.  I have a thing for them…I really do.  They’ve been my favorite flower since I was in high school…give me daisies over roses any day.  I love them so much I named my first dog Daisy!  She’s the sleepy Jack Russel Terrorist on the left.  So when I ran across this daisy soap […]


Ashley of FinchBerry Handmade Soaps makes some seriously cute soap!  Not only that…but the packaging is adorable! I love how she uses color… …and texture… …and packaging…to give her soap a one of a kind look.   Her photography is amazing… So of course I had to purchase some things…;) I purchased a bar of […]

This shampoo rocks!

Oh. My. Gosh. I ordered one of these solid shampoo bars from GetLathered after doing some research on The Dish and running across posts after post about these solid shampoo bars. I really like Jason’s Tea Tree shampoo but it leaves my hair heavy, stringy and just nasty. I’ve tried other handmade shampoos and just […]

Udderly Delighted…

Udderly delighted was I, Pleasant Grove goat milk soap did I try, it lathered and bubbled, and left me less troubled, skin smooth, silky soft, nary dry.   It’s true.  Pleasant Grove Goat’s Milk Soap inspires poetry!  So does this little girl.  I’ll try to hold back.  I think I’m going to add her to my […]

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