Juniper Berry Soap

Juniper berry soap

This is a soap Benjamin and I made for Prairie Soap Company’s holiday lineup.  He makes a soap called Sweet Earth which uses juniper berries in the lye water.  He grinds the juniper berries up using a coffee grinder.  Added to the lye water they soften, produce a bit of color and impart a bit […]

Orange Oatmeal Breakfast Salt Bar

orange oatmeal breakfast salt bar

I LOVE SALT BARS. Did you miss the Cocoa and Coffee Salt Bar or the African Black Soap Salt Bar?  Be sure to check them out for more details about why I love salt bars and how to make them.  This is simply another variation that I love. Because they set up fast and hard, […]

Austin Classes and No More Facebook – But keep in touch!

Cupcakes (2) (1024x683)

Hello all!  We’ll be in Austin this October for another awesome soapmaking bootcamp!  We’ve added a liquid soap and a goat milk soap class.  You can sign up here: Basic Cold Process Soapmaking (Sat Oct 25, 9-noon) –You will learn what soap is, how it’s made, oil properties, additives, coloring, molding and much more! […]

Liquid Soap with African Black Soap

diluting liquid soap

So many of you asked what to do with the leftover African Black Soap that you bought to make these salt bars… African Black Soap Salt Bars.  Well…you could put it in some liquid soap!  (I’m also working on a scrub…coming soon!) I didn’t know how well it would incorporate before trying it, but it […]

Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil Usage Rates in Cold Process Soap

I get asked ALL THE TIME, “how do you calculate fragrance oil and essential oil usage in soap?” Different soapmakers do it differently; this is simply my opinion. The amount of essential oil and fragrance oil used in soap should be calculated based on the base oil amount in your recipe and not the total […]

Do you want to tell your soap story?

I love to hear how others got their start in soapmaking.  I’m always telling people about the magic of being a soapmaker. One of the best things about teaching is being a part of someone’s journey into the craft. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to see many students’ transformations on this journey. When teaching in […]

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