Welcome to LovinSoap.com! We’re Amanda Gail and Benjamin Aaron, husband + wife soaping duo.

BenjaminAndAmandaSoapWe LOVE helping soapmakers learn the craft and start their soapmaking business!

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My husband, Benjamin, and I started Lovin’ Soap Project in 2013. We travel to developing nations and teach women how to make soap and start businesses. The women that we teach are then able to provide soap to their local communities to tackle hygiene issues and are able to sell their soap in the international market to earn an income. These women simply want to earn an income to provide healthcare, education, safe homes and food for their families.

To learn more about Lovin’ Soap Project visit LovinSoapProject.org. To best help Lovin’ Soap Project, sign up for a monthly donation. As a thank you for providing monthly support of $10 or more, you will receive Soap Collaborative Magazine, a monthly publication of soap making articles, recipes, tutorials and business advice from industry leaders. Learn more about Soap Collaborative Magazine by visiting SoapCollaborative.org.

Thank you for your purchase and your help in empowering women all over the world!

Amanda Gail

Amanda Gail began making soap in 2008. Amanda has authored several soapmaking Ebooks including her most popular ebooks, Lovin Soap Studio’s Cold Process Soap Recipe Book and How to Color Cold Process Soap + Swatch Guide. Her E-course, Formulating Cold Process Soap Recipes, has taught soapmakers all over the world how to create skin-loving recipes. Amanda teaches at conferences and seminars, spreading the craft of soapmaking far and wide.

Do you have soapmaking questions or need help formulating a recipe? Pick my brain!

Benjamin Aaron

Benjamin Aaron has been handcrafting and selling soap and body care products since 2007. From wholesaling nationwide to health food chain stores to running a retail storefront, Benjamin has learned countless lessons through trial and error, failing and learning. His book, How to Wholesale Handcrafted Soap, has helped many soapmakers get into the wholesale arena. Benjamin helps soapmakers develop their brand through his website, Method Creation. Check out his 8-week course to move your business from Kitchen Space to Marketplace.

Do you have questions about wholesaling, production, branding, pricing or other business questions? Pick my brain!