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Amanda Gail is co-founder and co-director of Lovin’ Soap Project (www.lovinsoapproject.org), who’s initiative is to empower women in underdeveloped countries through soapmaking, editor of the Soap Collaborative (www.soapcollaborative.org), a publication for the soapmaking industry, and owner of lovinsoap.com (www.lovinsoap.com), a popular educational blog for soapmakers which features tutorials and soapmaking articles.  Amanda teaches soapmaking all over the country at bootcamps and conferences teaching hundreds of students every year.  She offers private consultation to soapmakers and has regularly scheduled classes and bootcamps in Dallas and Austin.  She has been a speaker for the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Central Soapers Workshop, Alabama Soap Conference and Texas’ Lonestar Soap and Toiletries Seminar.  She teaches everything from the basics of soap making, to advanced formulations, mold making, color, and design techniques.  Amanda has contributed to various publications and blogs including Saponifier and soapqueen.com.

Here you’ll find all sorts of stuff on handmade soap and bath & body products including bubbly reviews, crafty interviews, tangy tutorials and more!  Stick around, chime in, subscribe and let’s have a bubbly blast!

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Past Speaking Engagements

Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild – May 2013

New York Bath and Body University – 3 day workshop – March 2013

Central Soapers Workshop – 2 day workshop – March 2013
I gave two presentations including Formulating Advanced Soap Recipes and How to Pipe Cupcake Soap

Austin Texas Bootcamp – 2 day workshop – February 2013

NYC Soap University – 3 Day Bootcamp (Back Porch Soap/Marla Bosworth) – August 2012
Advanced Coloring and Designs including the Peacock Swirl, Hearts and Flowers and Landscape Design demos
Cupcakes and Specialty Drink Soaps including Cupcakes, Lattes and Salt Bar Smoothies demos

Texas Soapmaker’s Seminar – 2012
Basic Soapmaking Demo and The Peacock Swirl

Alabama Soap Meeting – 2012
Making Single Cavity Silicone Soap Molds and The Peacock Swirl