Two Peas in a Pod

My sister in law is pregnant! :) She is due in January so I guess I have babies on the mind.

This is a melt & pour tutorial…and I’m sitting here thinking of what other melt & pour tutorials my blog has to offer.  Searching…searching…

NONE!  I love melt & pour.  I started my soapmaking journey with melt & pour.  I have no melt & pour tutorials on my blog!  That is just is so odd to me.  So here it is…the first one!

Two Peas in a Pod

This is a super easy and quick tutorial…perfect for a last minute shower gift or hostess gift.

You will need 16 oz clear melt & pour soap base, 3 oz white melt & pour soap base, .5 oz fragrance oil, green mica and two wash clothes.  You will also need my new favorite mold…the 4 Sphere Mold from Bramble Berry.

Chop up all of the melt & pour soap base and melt it in the microwave using 30 second bursts.

Add your green colorant and fragrance.

Pour into the sphere mold and let harden.

Take a wersh-rag (as my Granny Dot says) and fold in the sides as shown.

And place two peas on it.

Pinch up the sides like a taco and tie with ribbon or twine.

And there you have it!  Adorable peas in a pod soap!

Happy Soaping and have a great weekend!



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  1. Denny
    | Reply

    These are about cute! I also chuckled at you Granny Dot’s manner of speaking. According to my Grandma Lucinda, you “rench” out that washcloth with lots of water when you’re done.

  2. Angela
    | Reply

    Those are so cute,! Congrats on being an auntie:-)

  3. Robbie
    | Reply

    According to Grand Mac that is a ‘warsh cloth’ and to squeeze the water out you ‘wrang it’. Very cute and now I have to learn melt and pour. I’ve only done CP.

  4. Diane
    | Reply

    Oh no… more to order from Brambleberry. Sigh, I will just have to bear up under this pressure.
    Tee Hee cant wait 2 orders will be delivered on Monday. So just have to get another order

  5. maria
    | Reply

    beautiful!!! where did you get the sphere?

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      It is from Bramble Berry :)

  6. maria
    | Reply

    what a fantastic idea! how would you package it ?

    • Amanda
      | Reply

      I don’t think I would do more than how it is in the wash cloth. I guess you could put it in a plastic bag or something? Not sure…

  7. Denise Snow
    | Reply

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing this.

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