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Austin Soapmaking Classes

Sat, November 17, 2012

Join me in Austin, Texas for a day of intensive soapy fun! I’ll be offering two soap making classes in one day.

Basic Cold Process Soapmaking Class / Austin, TX – Learn to make your own natural handcrafted soap! You will learn what soap is, how it’s made, oil properties, additives, coloring, molding and much more! This is a hands-on class where you’ll actually get to custom scent and color a two pound batch of cold process soap to take home with you. All supplies, including fragrance oils, essential oils, colors, molds, oils, botanicals and clays will be available in class so you can design your own soap!  Sign up!

Stunning Advanced Soap Design Techniques / Austin, TX – Learn how to take your soap coloring and design to the next level! This hands on lab is all about using color and swirling! You will learn four advanced soap designs including a nonpareil swirl, a peacock swirl, stunning flowers and adorable hearts. We’ll talk about how to create a slow moving recipe and how oils, water, heat and additives can affect trace. All supplies, including scents, colors, molds, oils, botanicals and clays will be available in class so you can design your own stunning soap! *You must have prior cold process soapmaking experience or have completed the Basic Cold Process Soapmaking morning class.  Sign up!

To sign up and for more info- click here!

Austin Soapmaking Class location:  The Art Garage Austin,  11190 Circle Drive, Suite 202, Austin, TX 78736

The Art Garage is located in Southwest Austin, about 20 minutes from the State Capital and 10 minutes east of Dripping Springs.



This post was written by Amanda Gail

Amanda Gail is a soapmaker, author and blogger.

3 thoughts on “Austin, TX Soapmaking Bootcamp

  1. I am so excited to see this great day of soaping in Texas! I am in Abilene So much that I see online takes place in the Pacific Northwest Only wish I did not have a conflict for Boot Camp. At least I’m on the email list now so ‘next time’ will hopefully work out. Thank you for conducting the classes. I would particularly enjoy the one pertaining to color swirling, etc., and would love to connect with some soapers closer to home.

  2. I really love making soaps… and a soap making bootcamp is even wonderful… I just love sweet smelling soaps, plus those colors makes me want to just stare at them and not use them at all… 😀

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