The Column Swirl

Soapylove, Debbie Chialtas, posted a really cool video on her Facebook pageCheck it out.  They of course are using paint…but I see soap!  I had to give it a try!  So here it is…

Recipe (so I remember):  12 oz coconut, 8 oz olive, 7 oz palm, 2 oz jojoba, 1 oz castor



Doh!  I kind of ruined it with a skewer.  Now it looks like a regular funnel swirl.  Lol.  I guess I was just worried that when you break it down into individual bars that there wouldn’t be enough interest in each bar. 

A very cool effect! I’m going to play with it some more.

Thanks, Debbie!

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  1. Celine Blacow

    That is amazing … I just watched that video, how cool!!

    Love that effect .. pity I don’t have a divider tray like that though.

  2. Tonya Harper

    i am so trying this!

  3. Ruth Esteves

    I saw that video and was wondering how to do that with soap. You beat me to it! :) It looks great and I can’t wait to see the cut bars.

  4. Ann Stoermer

    Wow, that is really cool! I saw that video a few weeks ago and and made my kids watch it with me I loved it so much! I wonder if you can do little mini ones. The effect is so awesome when it is all attached. I think the skewer was a good idea. It looks amazing. :)

  5. Debbie

    I am so glad you tried it! I think the skewer technique made it really interesting – although the way it was before was also really beautiful. Way to motivate on this project! Kudos! You owe me a bar for providing the inspiration. 😉

  6. iheartsoap

    Thanks, everyone! Debbie, you got it! 😉

  7. Erin Pikor

    So Cool! Thanks LovinSoap via Soapylove! I have been pondering how to design soap for all of these EO blends I have been making – I am definitely going to try this. I DO have a few 4×4’s laying around too. :)

  8. Monique

    Great job,
    I love the skewer effect, I think it added not took away.
    Didn’t your cp harden up a bit, or did you have to do this all at very VERY light trace?

    You HAVE to show us what they look like when you take them out. =)

    • iheartsoap

      Thanks, Monique! I did it a very light trace. Actually you don’t even want to see trace so you have enough time to separate out your colors. You just want to have a stable emulsion. It did get a bit thick. I scented it with peppermint and lavender EO.

  9. Victoria Barrett

    I watched the video too and I think you did an amazing job at this. I’d like to give it a try to see how well I can do. This is worth the effort for such amazing results.

  10. Steph B

    I love it! Really nice job!
    What is the “stone” that you used under the funnel?
    It is really cool! The effect is amazing! I have to try. Can’t wait to play with colors too! :)

  11. iheartsoap

    It is a piece of wood. Measures about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 6″. Thanks!

  12. Renee

    LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE IT!!!! I was wondering how to accomplish that effect with soap. Can’t wait to try it. Is that a very very light trace? And why did you cover with plastic wrap before adding the dividers?

    • iheartsoap

      Thanks, Renee! I didn’t cover it with plastic wrap. The soap was setting up a bit and it made that effect. :)

  13. Donna

    I’m glad you did it. After watching the video earlier today I had plans to give it a try later this week. Now I know for sure that I will. Yours looks fabulous! Stunning!

  14. Cindy

    I’d LOVE to see photos of what the cut soap looks like! Very interesting technique – thanks for sharing.

  15. Ally


  16. Stacey

    WOW! that is so cool! I can’t wait to try it! I too would like to see what the cut bars look like.
    Thanks Amanda and Debbie!

  17. Kelly Ann Taylor

    Yep, you bet us to it!
    I think you did a GREAT job.
    It looks “tie dyed” now!

    What a great color combo for a patchouli soap………

    You gals are such artists!
    We do have fun, now don’t we…

  18. Debbie

    Yes, we do have fun Kelly Ann! That’s what it’s all about! Love that! (Lovin Soap and Soapylove – a match made in heaven!)

  19. Ka fée

    Love Love Love !!

  20. Margo

    I also would love to see the soap out of the mold. I am so in love with this swirl. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us

  21. Sofiah

    OMG ! This looks really amazing ! I can’t just wait to see the final result ! Thank you so much for all this pictures – I got really exited just loocking at them !

  22. La Shonda Tyree

    Way Cool! I was wondering if someone was going to take on the challenge! Awesome and inspiring!

  23. Sharon

    Pretty, initially I thought each bar would have the flower in it. Now that would be pretty but very time consuming.

  24. Karen

    I am so going to try this. You are inspiring, Amanda!

  25. Margie

    How cool that you could ‘see’ this application using soap from the paint video! My smallest slab mold makes 15 bars — and you know it is all your fault that I’m just gonna have to give this a try!!!

    Amanda, now that they are cured what do you think about using the skewer– think you’ll plan to use it again next time?

    • iheartsoap

      I’m actually glad I used the skewer. I think if I hadn’t there wouldn’t be enough “interest” per bar. It gives a nice effect.

  26. Ana Maria

    Very interesting and creative, I love it. Ana.

  27. Alana Rivera

    OMG!! Gorgeous!! I love how you can find soap inspiration anywhere!

  28. Michelle

    Oh that is too cool, thanks for sharing. I’ve got to try it.

  29. Patrice

    Wowzers! You have another hit on your hands:D

  30. Amy Warden

    Oh yes!!! I saw that paint video – why didn’t I think of soap too?? Great job!

  31. Brenda

    WOW oh’ WOW!!! Not THAT is some SWIRLING THERE!! I can’t wait to try it. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  32. Annie Albright

    I love the soap! It’s beautiful! I like the added effect of the skewer, too.
    What did you use for your colors and where can I get them?
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Plush Folly

    oooooh, amazing and wonderful! I feel a play coming on. Thanks Debbie

  34. Selena

    wow, that is amazing. I will definitely try this out.

    Thanks for sharing.

  35. SummerfieldSoaps

    Wowzers! That’s stunning! A must do. The orginal video is exceptional too. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m bowled over by the effect.

  36. Mar

    Beautiful soap, so joyful, so dinamic…
    Saludos from Spain

  37. Maribel

    Amazing! I´´love this soap. After seeing your soap, I couldn´t wait to make my own column swirl batch. I hadn´t been so eager to unmould an cut a batch since my first soap! Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration. You can see my soap her
    Regards from Spain

  38. Sue DeSal

    It is wonderful, enlightened and a fresh breath of creativity. What brand of colorant did you use and what were your temps? Thanks, Sue.

  39. Vincent Keele

    That’s a cool design…