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First, I have to say THANK YOU to all that have bought my E-Zine!  And for the wonderful and kind emails/comments I’ve been getting.  I really appreciate all of you!  🙂

I made a couple of logs of soap yesterday for some friends.

Neither of these came out very exciting.  I did an in the pot swirl for both but the colors didn’t hold well.  I used some micas I hadn’t used before and I guess they weren’t very stable or I didn’t use enough.

Anywho…the soap on the left smells awesome!  It is a mix of 2 parts Bramble Berry Sheer Fresia, 1 part BB Mangosteen and 1 part BB Rain Cybilla.  (All samples I had received in various orders/swap.) 

The other log was Kumquat from Taylored Concepts.  It was very different than other Kumquats I have used.  It almost seemed to smell like bubble gum.  This soap is for some friends with kids…so I know they’ll be happy when they get it. 

Sorry my pictures aren’t that great.  This yellow table I have just isn’t the best background for pics.  Usually I use a brown table cloth but I had a transparent crock pot soap volcano all over it the night before  and I’m having trouble deciding how to wash it.  I think there is too much sticky soap on it to throw it in the washing machine so I should probably throw it in the tub first to soak it. 

I also tried out a new recipe.  It’s similar to another one I love but has more shea and some palm kernel.  Because of all the solid oils/butter it does get thick fast. 

Olive oil – 8 oz
Palm oil – 8 oz
Coconut oil – 6 oz
Palm Kernel oil – 4 oz
Shea butter – 6 oz
Avocado oil – 2 oz
Castor oil – 2 oz

Water – 11 oz
Sodium hydroxide – 4.8 oz 

Today is like Christmas for me.  I’m anxiously awaiting a delivery of a new soap mold which should deliver tonite!  I can’t wait to play with it over the weekend.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of posts coming up about using it.  🙂

Happy Soaping!


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  1. DMCC January 27, 2011 at 12:05 am

    Hi Amanda. How did you like the new recipe with the palm kernel? I have had mine for quite a while, but never used it. Was there a noticeable difference in the recipe compared to your standard recipe? Probably more bubbles and harder. Thanks!

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