Solid Bubble Bath Bars

I love these solid bubble bars!  These are made without glycerine so they harden up nicely and you don’t have to wrap them up tightly. 

Solid Bubble Bath Bars

200 g arrowroot powder (or corn starch)
200 g baking soda
100 g SLSa
200 g liquid surfactant (I used Super Mild Surfactant Blend™ from Ingredients To Die For)

colorant and 2% fragrance

Mix all of the ingredients together until a dough forms.  Mold or form however you want.  Depending on how thick/big they are they might take a week or so to totally harden.  Even then the inside might still be a bit moist when you break them up.   

Have fun!


This post was written by Amanda Gail

Amanda Gail is a soapmaker, author and blogger.

10 thoughts on “Solid Bubble Bath Bars

    1. I used sweet orange chili pepper! My. Favorite. Scent. Ever. 😉

      Lavender would be wonderful also…I’ll do that one next.

  1. I have to say a great big thank you for this recipe. I have looked everywhere for a bubble bar recipe and they are hard to find! I can’t wait to try this!! I love bubble bars!!! Thank you so much!

  2. How fun! I’ve not made anything but soap at this point, but this looks like an easy first recipe to try. What kind of colorant do you use (I’m thinking not mica, because of the bleed)?


  3. I just noticed your other post on coloring bath bars – that helps a lot. I don’t have any liquid lakes at the moment – have you tried other methods that work well?

    1. Hey Kat, I haven’t tried anything else. I have mostly micas for soap but yes…those would leave a mess in the tub! FD&C liquid colors would work. I’m not sure what else would work.

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